Faculty Awards

Graham Reynolds

George Curtis Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence

Awarded to a faculty member by a committee of students and faculty. The award is given on the basis of the professor’s teaching achievement in the Allard School of Law in the two calendar years prior to the award.

2016 – 2017 Graham Reynolds

Assistant Professor Graham Reynolds is this year’s recipient of the George Curtis Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence.

Students describe Professor Reynolds as “a teacher who can build critical competencies within his field, encourage innovation, and build community,” bringing “a rare combination of expertise and mentorship” to the classroom. His teaching “fosters the passions and thinking of students through problem-based learning"; his lectures, delivered with “heartfelt enthusiasm,” a rigorous “attention to pedagogy” and a deep care for the material, “are a collaboration” in which students are encouraged to share their experiences and opinions in discussion and develop skills to contribute productively as part of a team, learning together.

Professor Reynolds teaches and researches in the areas of copyright law, intellectual property law, property law, and intellectual property and human rights. 

Previous George Curtis Recipients

Jim Taylor, QC Faculty Scholar Award

The Jim Taylor, Q.C. Faculty Scholar Award is a $5,000 research grant awarded annually to a deserving faculty member for outstanding contributions to the Allard School of Law. Generously supported by Harris & Co., the award recognizes those who consistently give more than their fair share of time and energy to the law school, especially in those aspects of their activity that bring no material reward. To learn more about Jim’s many contributions to UBC and to the broader world please click here.  

Lindsie Thomson, Partner, Harris & Co,
Dr. Ljiljana Biuković, Dean Catherine Dauvergne

2019-20: Ljiljana Biuković

Ljiljana earned an LL.B. from the University of Belgrade, an LL.M. from Central European University in Budapest, and an LL.M. and Ph.D. from UBC.  Her research interests are in the areas of international economic law and European Union integration. She publishes regularly on topics of legal transplantation of international norms and standards by national governments, the impact of regionalism on multilateral trade negotiations, mega-regional trade and investment agreements, and the development of European Union. Ljiljana acted as a co-investigator in the Major Collaborative Research Initiative research project on Coordinated Compliance of International Trade Law and Human Rights funded by SSHRC from 2011 to 2018. Her work focused on the interaction between international trade rules and local human rights norms and practices in the context of performance of international trade agreements and cooperation among developing countries. At present, Ljiljana examines issues on collective memories and international law.

Here is a list of past recipients:

Farris Scholar Award

In 2003, Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP donated $200,000 to the law school to establish an endowment in commemoration of the firm’s 100th anniversary. The endowment supports excellence in teaching and research in the areas of business law and advocacy. Each year, the Farris Scholar gives a public lecture as a memorial to Mr. C. Francis (Frank) Murphy, Q.C. and Mr. Peter W. Butler, Q.C., former partners of the firm.

2018 – 2019 Professor Wei Cui

Professor Wei Cui received the Farris Award for 2018-19 for his research on tax law and policy. Professor Cui presented “Do Destination-Based Taxes Represent the Future of International Taxation?” at the accompanying Lecture on March 13, 2018

Here is a list of past recipients:

Arnold Fine

Adam Albright Award

2016 – 2017 Arnold Fine

An alumnus of the law school (LL.B.’80), Arnold Fine has served as an Adjunct Professor at the Allard School of Law since 2006. Students who have taken his upper level course on Financing Transactions speak eloquently of the insight and inspiration he brings to teaching the law. Nominations for this year’s award note his effectiveness at conveying the core principles of the subject in the classroom and his care for his students—all the while maintaining a comfortable, even entertaining learning environment!

Arnold Fine was featured in the Spring 2015 Alumni Magazine.