Staff Excellence Awards

This award recognizes the excellent service that a staff member provides to our faculty, their colleagues, or to our students, or to acknowledge an individual who has developed and implemented an innovative idea and/or process in their area of responsibility, which has proven to increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the unit and/or to the Allard School of Law.

Staff Excellence Award Recipients

Dec. 2015 Julie Carlsten
Dec. 2014 Jeremy Schmidt
Jun. 2014 Daniel Holloway
Dec. 2013 Kari Streelasky
Jun. 2013 Kia Brus
Dec. 2012 Michelle Burchill
Dec. 2012 Cyr, Pam
Jun. 2012 Simmi Puri
Dec. 2011 Dillon Johnston
Dec. 2011 Rosanna Falbo
Apr. 2011 Marlowe Caldwell
Jan. 2011 Joanne Chung
Jan. 2010 Susan B. Morin
Oct. 2010 Tara Rajwani
Feb. 2009 Elaine Borthwick
Nov. 2008 Monzur Siddique
Apr. 2008 Gareth Coghlan
Apr. 2008 Veronica Uy
Apr. 2007 Bernie Flinn