Excellence at the Allard School of Law

The Peter A. Allard School of Law's innovative researchers, inspiring teachers, and outstanding graduates have established our national reputation and global reach. The Faculty is committed to preparing our students to become exceptional global citizens, to conducting leading-edge research that serves our community nationally and internationally, and to promoting the values of a just, civil and sustainable society.

Our outstanding J.D. and Graduate programs offer students the opportunity to select courses from a comprehensive and progressive curriculum that emphasizes foundational knowledge, scholarly innovation, ethics, and the development of professional skills. In addition to providing a strong ‘generalist’ education, the Faculty offers clusters of faculty expertise and program offerings around specific areas of law that equip future graduates with the skills they need to promote the rule of law nationally and on a global level. 

The Allard School of Law is home to one of the world’s leading centres for legal research.  It is home to a dynamic, accomplished and diverse group of faculty who make innovative and highly influential contributions to academic knowledge, the practice of law, the development of policy, and the progress of civil society at both national and international levels. Our faculty members carry out their research and teaching objectives with a commitment to pursue justice for the greater good of society.

The Allard School of Law’s areas of excellence and clusters of faculty expertise include:

  • Human Rights law
  • Business Law
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Law
  • Asian Legal Studies
  • Indigenous Legal Studies
  • Feminist Legal Studies

Learn more about our areas of excellence and expertise by exploring our Faculty research centres and programs, student concentrations and specializations, and student experiential learning opportunities.