Planning Your Finances

Plan your costs at university.

Financial health is an essential part of student wellbeing. Planning ahead and then monitoring your costs will help you to stay on track so you can make the most of your UBC student experience.

Budgeting basics

Want to reduce your stress during the school year? Plan ahead.

Download our easy spending plan spreadsheet to help you build a personalized financial plan for the year. Not sure what your program costs? Check the cost calculator.

Credit and debt

Managing debt and maintaining good credit are essential skills, particularly if you have student loans or are thinking of applying for a credit card. 

Your credit score can affect your ability to obtain future credit (such as a line of credit, mortgage, or car loan) and may be checked by potential landlords or even some employers.

You can order a free credit report from either of the following Canadian agencies:

ESAs hold credit and debt workshops throughout the year as part of their financial literacy workshop series. Check for upcoming workshops.

International Students

Students from outside of Canada and the US should refer to UBC's International Student Guide for funding information, particularly the "Manage Your Money" section.


Use these tools and tip sheets to get started on your financial plan.