Professional Lines of Credit

Most Law students will have access to professional student lines of credit, many with favourable terms on interest, lending limits, and repayment schedules.  

Students may arrange a line of credit with any financial institution and should consider the following factors:

  • Interest rates
  • Repayment schedule
  • Lending limits - annual amount and whether previous debt or current student loans affect lending limit
  • Credit rating requirements
  • Whether a co-signer is required
  • Whether the package includes provisions for  post-degree articling

Many financial institutions offer lines of credit and the following banks have developed banking packages specifically for Law students.  

Visit the UBC Campus Branch (5960 University Blvd) or contact:
Shaun East, Sr. Mgr. Progessional & Healthcare Specialist
Cell: 604.619.4699 or Email:
Overview:  Scotia Professional® Student Plan

Royal Bank
5905 Berton Avenue (Wesbrook Village)
Contact: 604.221.5702

4501 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver
Contact: 604.222.6952 
Overview: Royal Credit Line® for Students - Professional Designation

5796 University Boulevard (UBC Village)
Contact: 1.866.525.8622
Overview: CIBC Professional Edge Student Program

Bank of Montreal
2142 Western Parkway #105 (UBC Village)
Contact: 1.877.225.5266
Overview: Professional Student Line of Credit

TD Bank
4597 W. 10th Avenue, Vancouver
Contact: 1.866.222.3456
Overview: Graduate and Professional Student Line of Credit