Allard School of Law Strategic Plan (2016 to 2021)

Building Community:

We foster a collegial and collaborative environment in which students, faculty and staff participate in a supportive, inclusive and respectful community that celebrates diverse contributions and abilities.



Celebrate, support and promote the importance of diversity, equality, equity, Indigeneity and a respectful and inclusive community to a vibrant law school.

  • Encourage the active reflection and celebration of diversity, equity and inclusiveness in all activities undertaken by the law school.
  • Develop strategies to celebrate the Indigenous dimensions of our community.
  • Develop cultural competency skills with particular reference to Indigeneity.
  • Promote U. B. C.’s Statement on Respectful Environment amongst faculty, staff and students.
  • Enhance the integration of people with disabilities into our community, including through the identification and removal of tangible and intangible barriers.
  • Foster faculty and staff participation in important student milestones such as orientation and graduation.
  • Recognize and celebrate faculty, student and staff contributions to professional leadership and civil society, including the contributions made by our legal clinics to access to justice in B. C.
  • Foster broad engagement among graduate students and faculty members, so as to facilitate knowledge of each other and each other’s work.
Cultivate a workplace and learning environment that inspires excellence and well-being and is responsive to the varied needs of staff and faculty.
  • Promote and support equitable access to learning opportunities and professional development for staff at all levels, for faculty and for those in leadership roles.
  • Review, promote and support strategies to foster well-being and mental health among staff and faculty.
  • Review flexible working arrangements to enhance staff satisfaction and retention and meet law school needs.
  • Conduct a review of faculty and staff workloads.
  • Encourage, support and celebrate individuals and teams whose work contributes to the success of the law school.
  • Foster mutual understanding among staff and faculty about roles and responsibilities.
Establish annual opportunities to discuss and set specific priorities and directions for the following year.
  • Schedule regular, annual faculty retreats in the spring where specific priorities for the following year can be established.
  • Establish regular mechanisms whereby the dean, faculty, staff and students can identify and commit to key priorities and values for the near future, including an assessment of progress made with the Strategic Plan.
Design and implement policies and procedures to foster transparent and accountable governance and effective communication.
  • Ensure people have opportunities for input into decision-making processes that affect them and communicate decisions in a timely manner to those affected.
  • Build community and improve working relationships by fostering effective internal communications.
  • Have research centres and research clusters develop strategic plans.