Allard School of Law Strategic Plan (2016 to 2021)

Conducting Research and Disseminating Knowledge:

We create and disseminate research with local, national and global impact that strengthens the law school`s standing as a centre of exceptional legal research.



Improve the quality and increase the quantity of research and scholarship to strengthen the law school’s standing as a nationally and internationally recognized centre of outstanding legal research.

  • Attract, support and retain outstanding faculty members and graduate students who are or have the potential to become leaders in their fields of research.    

Enhance the centrality of scholarly research in our law school consistent with our position as a law school located in a leading research university.

  • Provide opportunities for researchers to collaborate on projects with other researchers both within and outside the faculty and to present work-in-progress and research ideas to each other.    
  • Forge stronger links between law faculty researchers and researchers in other parts of the University.
  • Build targeted research linkages beyond Allard Hall in areas of shared strength, including through international partnerships.
  • Increase support for faculty applications for research grants.
  • Increase the number and quality of external research grant applications to support leading research and provide graduate student support.
  • Support and encourage integration of faculty research and teaching.
  • Track and celebrate the research accomplishments of present and former students.
  • Create opportunities for students to become involved in faculty research.
  • Consistent with the collective agreement, encourage diverse forms of research, including community-based research and other non-traditional and interdisciplinary research methodologies.
Facilitate effective dissemination of outstanding research with the goal of influencing scholarly, professional and public policy debates and the development of the law, and improving people’s lives.
  • Improve the distribution of scholarship, including publication in leading journals and presses and through effective on-line facilities, to establish faculty members as leaders in their fields.
  • Develop a comprehensive communication plan for scholarship and engagement, including the identification of key audiences and strategies for enhancing the impact of diverse forms of research, and support faculty members to share their research through public speaking and other opportunities for public engagement.
  • Encourage students and staff to participate in faculty events such as public research presentations.
  • Develop strategies to communicate faculty research to alumni, the profession and members of other interested groups, including through continuing legal education endeavours.
  • Recognize and celebrate professional contributions made by faculty members to the development and just administration of the law.
Support pre-tenured faculty as they develop and implement their research agendas.
  • Assist pre-tenure faculty to establish their research agendas and encourage research collaboration between pre-tenure and tenured faculty.
  • Provide tenure-track faculty with a gradual introduction to faculty service and leadership opportunities.
  • Provide pre-tenure faculty with assistance in attracting research resources and in establishing links with leaders in their field.