Upcoming Reunions

The following classes have confirmed milestone reunions in 2019:

  • The Class of 2009 is invited to a reception on Friday September 13 at the at the Wicklow Pub (Vancouver) to celebrate 10 years since graduation. For more details please contact ksherriff@millerthomson.com
  • The Class of 1969 is planning a weekend adventure in the Okanagan in October to celebrate their 50 year reunion. For more details please contact Shawna Dash at dash@allard.ubc.ca

Reunion committees have been struck for the classes of 1964 and 1999, and two classes have also already started planning reunions that will coincide with the law schools 75th anniversary in 2020 (1980 and 1995), details will be forthcoming.

For additional information, or if you would like help to plan your own class reunion, please contact the Alumni Relations Manager, Lea D’Altroy, at daltroy@allard.ubc.ca.

Click here to check out photos from our recent reunions!