British Columbia Law Schools Competitive Moot

(U.B.C. / U.VIC. Moot)

This moot is a competition between teams from the law faculties of the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria. The competition is held in early February at the Law Courts Building in Vancouver or Victoria, on an alternating basis. The Begbie Trophy, a sculpted trophy donated by the superior court judges of British Columbia, is awarded to the winning school.

The problem is mooted in two divisions. UBC's team consists of two divisions of two students each, plus a researcher or alternate. In one division, UBC represents the appellant; in the other, the respondent. Counsel for each division prepares a factum and presents oral argument to a panel consisting of three judges drawn from the Superior Courts of British Columbia. The researcher/alternate assists in research and administration and may be called upon to argue the case (on either side) if one of the counsel is sick or otherwise unable to appear. In preparation for the moot, counsel for the two divisions and the researcher operate very much as a team.

The moot problem, an appeal from a trial or appeal torts, contracts or property decision, is usually handed out in October. Factums are due in January. Students are given an opportunity to discuss their factums with experienced counsel. A series of practice moots is held to assist the students in the preparation of their oral submissions. The winning school is determined on the basis total marks awarded for the advocacy performance of all four mooters and the marks for each factum.