Information for Students

The Business Law Clinic is comprised of six credits. Four credits are allocated to the practical clinic component (Law 379) and two credits are allocated to the academic component (Law 380). Eight upper year J.D. students are admitted to the program each term. The Clinic is offered both in the fall and spring terms and is located at Allard Hall. 

Application Information for Students

  • Applications for 2019/2020 are now closed. Applications for 2020/2021 will open in Spring 2020.
  • Allard School of Law J.D. students in second and third year are eligible to participate.
  • Prerequisite: Law 459: Business Organizations (Note: Law 459 cannot be taken concurrently with the Externship).

More information about the program or to apply for the Clinic

Academic Composition

LAW 379B.001: Externship – Business Law Clinic (4 credits)

Students will learn how to provide business oriented legal advice to small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and individuals meeting certain criteria. Students will, under supervision, practice law firm management, professional ethics, professional responsibility, client intake, and file management. Students will have direct hands-on experience, under clinical supervision, to interview clients, conduct business law files, and provide legal advice to clients. Students will conduct business oriented legal research, draft legal documents, and report back to their clients at follow-up appointments.

Students will be evaluated on their attendance, the progression of their interview skills, and the quality of their work product, on a pass/fail basis.

Law 459: Business Organizations

LAW 380A.001: Externship Reflection – Business Law Clinic (2 credits)

Students will develop their substantive knowledge of business law in a two hour seminar setting. Topics will include giving preliminary advice to small business start-ups, incorporating companies and non-profit societies, drafting and advising on a variety of commercial contracts (partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, non-competition agreements, leases and other types of contracts) as well as law firm management, professional ethics, professional responsibility, client intake and file management.

Students will be graded on reflective journal presentations, class participation in weekly seminar discussions, and one written assignment (drafting a client letter) based on a commercial fact-pattern.

Law 459: Business Organizations