Corporate Counsel Externship

Students enrolled in the Corporate Counsel Externship are placed in the legal department of a business oriented organization on a part-time basis for one academic term. The program is comprised of seven credits in total. Five credits are allocated to the experiential component (Law 379) and two credits are allocated to the academic component (Law 380).

The purpose of the Externship is to provide students with an opportunity to:
  • Learn directly from experienced corporate counsel in a supportive educational environment;
  • Apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to practical legal and business matters in a particular industry;
  • Gain solicitor’s practice based experience in a supervised environment; and
  • Develop a deeper understanding of professional ethics and professional responsibility in practice.

Information for Students

Information for Organizations

The Externship is generously supported by:

Current Participating Organizations:
We are pleased to be able to share the list of confirmed placements for the Fall 2019 term
Previous Participating Organizations:
Fall 2018 term
Spring 2019 term

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