Awards & Scholarships

The CFLS is proud and fortunate to be able to offer awards and scholarships designated for women who are entering or studying at the Peter A. Allard School of Law.

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The below list is an outline of the Awards offered by the CFLS, a list of past winners as well as a list of other faculty and university awards designated for woman students.

*Application information for CFLS awards are posted in the Spring.

Awards Adjudicated by the CFLS

Hilda Janzen Memorial Award in Feminist Legal Studies

In honor of the late Hilda Janzen and her commitment to the advancement of women in professional fields, an award of $18,000 annually will cover the current costs of tuition and books for the recipient, as well as offset living costs for the year. This award will be granted to a male or female student in good academic standing who has demonstrated leadership in feminist issues and faces financial or systemic barriers to accessing or continuing legal education.

Auriol Gurner Young Memorial Award

The Auriol Gurner Young Memorial Award in Law will be granted to a student in the JD program who has made significant contributions to feminism and the law through academic achievement, volunteer work, community activism, or work with a feminist organization.

Marlee G. Kline Essay Prize

A $250 prize will be awarded to the best essay incorporating feminist research and analysis written by a JD student. The prize is offered in the name of Marlee G Kline, a feminist professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law who died in November, 2001.


2018 Scholarship Winners

Hilda Janzen Award: Madeline Macdonald

Madeline Macdonald, currently in her third year of the JD program at Allard Hall, is the recipient of the Hilda Janzen Memorial Award in recognition of her substantial contributions to feminist advocacy, scholarship, and community work. Prior to law school, Maddy completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Victoria, where she was an All-Canadian athlete in cross-country. She has gained experience working with vulnerable and marginalized communities as a crisis line volunteer, refugee protection worker, and student clinician at the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic. As a member of the ALSS executive, Maddy has been dedicated to addressing equity concerns that impacted the well-being of her peers. Most recently she spent the summer conducting research on the sexual assault of adolescent girls – an area that she is particularly passionate about. By demonstrating feminist leadership and community involvement while overcoming barriers in accessing and continuing her legal education, Maddy embodies the values of the Hilda Janzen award.

Auriol Gurner Young Memorial Award: Dawn Johnson

Recognizing her many contributions before and during law school, Dawn Johnson is the recipient of the Auriol Gurner Young Memorial Award. Dawn, who is currently in her 3rd year of the JD program at Allard Hall, is Cree and Dene from the Athabasca Chipewyan and Mikisew Cree First Nations on her mother’s side. She has years of experience working with and on behalf of Indigenous women and young people, particularly those involved with the child welfare and criminal justice systems. She has been actively involved in advocacy efforts to address the overrepresentation of Indigenous children, youth, and adults within these systems with a specific focus on supporting individuals to have power within their own lives. At Allard, Dawn has been involved in coordinating the annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil, bringing attention to the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. She has also coordinated Christmas hampers for families fleeing violence with the Indigenous Law Students Association. In the community, Dawn has volunteered supporting women escaping violence, with teen mothers, and with those involved in sex work. She also sits on the Board of Directors for the Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center Association. Dawn embodies the values of Auriol Gurner Young, in whose name this Award is generously endowed. 

Marlee G Kline Essay Prize: Catherine Wang 

Catherine Wang received her JD from the Peter A. Allard School of Law in May 2018. In her third year at Allard, she was Editor-in-Chief (Administrative) for the UBC Law Review and one of two Program Coordinators for the UBC chapter of Pro Bono Students Canada. Catherine has been awarded the Marlee G Kline Essay Prize for her essay “(Some) Mothers Know Best: A Case Comment on MM v TB and the Plight of Indigenous Mothers in Child Welfare and Adoption Proceedings”. This award recognizes an exceptional essay that addresses the various intersections between gender, race, class, sexual orientation, disability, and other experiences of marginalization in and through law.  Catherine’s essay critically examines a recent decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal involving a custody dispute over an Indigenous child. The paper draws on Marlee Kline’s influential writing on “the dominant ideology of motherhood", arguing that Indigenous mothers have to contend with not only the law’s general assumptions and expectations about mothers, but they also have to endure the courts’ often limited ability to situate mothers’ individual actions in the wider context of structural barriers erected by government and society. The essay has been accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Family Law.


Other Faculty & University Awards

Faculty Women's Club Anne Wesbrook Scholarship

A scholarship of $2,000, adjudicated by the Faculty Women's Club, was established in 1919 to honour Anne Wesbrook, the wife of the first President of UBC, and a founding member and Honorary President of the Club until her death in 1957. It is awarded to a woman student who has obtained a baccalaureate degree from this university and is continuing her studies at graduate level or in the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry or Law at this university or any other approved university; or to a woman who, after third year of university studies, is proceeding directly to a degree in Medicine, Dentistry or Law at this university or any other approved university.

Doris Curtis Memorial Scholarship

Income totalling $3,400 from a fund donated by family and friends in memory of Doris Curtis will provide scholarships for women students. Financial circumstances may be considered.

Diane Kilpatrick Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Diane Kilpatrick, LL.B. 1977, her family, friends and associates have endowed a scholarship of $1,300. It is awarded to a woman student entering second year in the Faculty of Law who has demonstrated good academic standing and an interest in helping others.

Ted Le Nobel Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship of $1,300 has been endowed in memory of Ted le Nobel by his family. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law, with preference given to a woman student entering the second year of the undergraduate program.