Feminist Law Courses

We are proud to say that the Peter A. Allard Law School offers ample opportunities to explore feminist approaches to law within the classroom.

We have dedicated feminist law courses (see below; please note that these course are not offered every year).

We also have upper year courses that are taught by our feminist faculty members. These include the required courses of Jurisprudence & Critical Perspectives and Ethics & Professionalism as well as other courses such as Family Law, Labour Law, Corporations, Evidence, Social Welfare Law and Constitutional Law.


Feminist Law courses being offered for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Law 307: Women, Law and Social Change

A survey of feminist approaches to law, with reference to selected substantive areas of law.

Offered by: Joana Thackeray and Jennifer Klinck.

Previously offered by: Professor Renee Cochard and Professor Debra Parkes.

Law 401: Penal Policy

A seminar that evaluates and analyzes the prison system and the role of punishment in the Canadian Criminal Law system through a feminist lens.

Offered by: Professor Debra Parkes


Feminist law courses that have been offered in recent years include:

Law 308: Feminist Legal Theory 

Recent developments in feminist legal theory.

Previously offered by: Professor Susan Boyd in 2013-2014

Law 365: Women, Law and Family

Feminist and other critical perspectives on the relationship between unequal gender relations and laws embodying a concept of "family".

Previously offered by: Kasari Govender and Laura Track in 2014-2015

Law 402:  The Law of Sexual Offences

This seminar explores current issues in the criminal law of sexual offences.

Previously offered by: Professor Janine Benedet in 2015-2016