Competitive Moot Program at the Peter A. Allard Faculty of Law

Allard Law offers students the opportunity to take part in competitive moots during their second or third years. The benefits of mooting include intensive training in written and oral advocacy before judges, practitioners and academics, the opportunity to work with other students, and the chance to meet law students from other universities. Positions on moot teams are highly sought-after by students, and professors and counsel participate enthusiastically as advisors, consultants and coaches. Students audition for many of these moot teams, and team members are generally selected based on performance in the oral presentation, experience and overall law school marks.  Successfully completing a competitive moot also fulfills the JD Experiential Requirement.

A common selection process is used by the Peter Burns, BC Law Schools, Gale, Jessup, Wilson, Laskin, Intellectual Property, VIS, Competition Law, Corporate Securities, Insolvency Law, Bowman and Canadian Labour Arbitration moot teams.  This selection process involves students doing a short oral submission before a panel of Faculty members at the end of the spring semester.  Faculty Advisors for these moots are also provided with the marks for students participating in the joint selection process.  The Kawaskimhon team use separate selection process, usually occurring in the fall semester.

Students normally receive up to five credits for moot participation, in some cases by supplementing the credits obtained through taking a concurrent course. For example, students who participate in the Peter Burns Moot are also enrolled in Law 474 (Trial Advocacy), for which they receive three credits; for their moot participation, they receive two additional credits. The students who go on from the Peter Burns Criminal Law Moot to the Western Canada Regional Trial Moot competition (and thus potentially compete for the Sopinka Cup) receive two additional credits.

Historically, our students have done well in these competitions, and the Faculty works hard to ensure that the standard of performance remains high. Students who have an interest in acquiring instruction and training in advocacy and or other related skills are encouraged to try out for a place on one of the teams. However, please keep in mind that significant time commitment and motivation are required.  Further, students may wish to participate in a moot in third year rather than second year.  An overview of the competitions is provided below. Please keep in mind that moots may vary from this list in any given year, according to the availability of faculty advisors and funding.

Complete Moot List - Detailed information on the various Moot opportunities at the Allard School of Law.