Interviewing Tips Seminar

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 12:30 to 13:30

DLA Piper Hall, Room 104

  • Legal employers use a variety of interviewing styles to evaluate candidates, including conversational, substantive, and behavioural questions. In addition to formal interviews, legal employers may also hold receptions, dinners, On-Campus Interviews (OCIs), and other "interview-like" events to assess candidates.
  • At this seminar, Chira, Jenn and Tracy will share practical tips about how to best highlight your skills and experience during an interview with a legal employer. This workshop will be helpful for interviews with law firms, government organizations (like WorkSafeBC), public interest organizations (such as the Public Interest Work Placement Program positions), and other legal employers.
  • This session is particularly aimed at 1L, LLM CL, and upper year students who did not attend previous year’s versions of this seminar, but all students are welcome to attend.