Trinity Western University, the Covenant and the Courts: A Faculty Roundtable

Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 12:30 to 14:00

Fasken Classroom, Rm 122

Faculty: Professor Emma Cunliffe, Professor Mary Liston, Professor Debra Parkes, and Professor and Honourable Madam Justice Lynn Smith

Moderated by: Charlotte Baigent, Allard Law 3L Student

The Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed in two recent decisions that B.C. and Ontario law societies acted properly in denying accreditation to Trinity Western University’s proposed law school. The story, however, has not ended there.

How might these decisions affect legal education in the future? What does “Charter values” talk signify in the SCC decisions? How should we situate the cases in the trajectory of LGBT+ rights enforcement in Canada? What are the consequences for our understanding of the democratic and public interest aspects of these judgments? Lastly, the framing of the TWU case changed as it worked its way up to the Supreme Court—how and why does this matter?

Come join the lively discussion of these and other facets of this important and fascinating case.

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