Volunteering with the Law Students' Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) Info Session

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - 12:30

Franklin Lew Forum, Room 101

LSLAP is one of the many awesome volunteer opportunities for Allard students. The program runs a net of poverty law clinics for clients who would otherwise be unable to afford legal representation or advice. We have historically been the largest volunteer program at the Allard School of Law, and we are the second largest provider of free legal services in the Province, behind only Legal Aid. 

If you are interested in litigation, you could run your own hearing by the end of the year. LSLAP clinicians have represented clients at Human Rights Tribunals, Residential Tenancy Branch hearings, and have run half-day to multi day trials in both the Small Claims Court and for criminal matters. We also assist on matters such as immigration, contracts, wills, Worker's Compensation and Government benefits. 

If you are interested in LSLAP, please attend the talk at 12:30pm on Tuesday, Sept. 5th at in the Franklin Lew Forum where we have invited a number of speakers. Lunch will be provided but please arrive as early as you can. There are also mandatory training sessions on Friday Sept. 8th and Monday, Sept. 13th in the Forum at 12:30pm.