Andrew Flavelle Martin

Assistant Professor

OBA Foundation Chief Justice of Ontario Fellow in Legal Ethics and Professionalism Research

Tel: 604 827 0280
Office: Allard Hall, room 469


Andrew holds a JD and an SJD from the University of Toronto and an LLM from Georgetown. He is a 2010 call in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. His doctoral research was funded by a SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship and by the CIHR Training Program in Health Law, Ethics and Policy.

Andrew articled at the Justice Policy Development Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario). He has practiced as a law clerk and staff lawyer to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, where he advised Associate Chief Justice Alexandra Hoy and Justices Robert Sharpe, Harry LaForme, Stephen Goudge, and Bob Armstrong.

Andrew’s primary research interests are in legal ethics and health law. His work focuses on law society regulation of the Attorney General, lawyer-politicians, and government lawyers. Many of his publications are available on SSRN: Andrew is a member of the Canadian Association for Legal Ethics, the Canadian Association of Law Teachers, and the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History.


“Legal Ethics and the Political Activity of Government Lawyers” (2018) 49:2 Ottawa Law Review 263.

(with Trudo Lemmens) “Introduction”, in Trudo Lemmens, Andrew Flavelle Martin, Cheryl Milne & Ian B Lee, eds, Regulating Creation: The Law, Ethics and Policy of Assisted Human Reproduction (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017) 1.

“The Immunity of the Attorney General to Law Society Discipline” (2016) 94:2 Canadian Bar Review 413.

“Consequences for Broken Political Promises: Lawyer-Politicians and the Rules of Professional Conduct” (2016) 10:2 Journal of Parliamentary & Political Law 337.

“The Adoption of Mandatory Gunshot Wound Reporting Legislation in Canada: A Decade of Tension in Lawmaking at the Intersection of Law Enforcement and Public Health” (2016) 9:2 McGill Journal of Law & Health 175.

“The Limits of Professional Regulation in Canada: Law Societies and Non-Practising Lawyers” (2016) 19:1 Legal Ethics 169.

“The Attorney General as Lawyer (?): Confidentiality upon Resignation from Cabinet” (2015) 38:1 Dalhousie Law Journal 147.

“Legal Ethics versus Political Practices: The Application of the Rules of Professional Conduct to Lawyer-Politicians” (2013) 91:1 Canadian Bar Review 1.

“Statutory Good-Faith Immunity for Government Physicians: Cogent Policy or a Denial of Justice?” (2011) 4:2 McGill Journal of Law & Health 75.

“Beyond the Goudge Inquiry: Is the Coroner Part of “The Crown” for Stinchcombe Disclosure Obligations?” (2009) 67 University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review 9.

(with Rebecca Case) “U.S. Protective Orders in Canadian Class Actions” (2008) 5 Canadian Class Action Review 49.

Publications listed on the Law Library Faculty Research Publications Database.


Advanced Legal Research (LAW 430.002)

Ethics and Professionalism (LAW 468.005) (cross-listed as Topics in Common Law Theory and Practice, LAW 555C.005)

Topics in Administrative Law: Advanced Legal Ethics (LAW 373D.001)