Isabel Grant


B.A. Toronto 1980; LL.B. Dalhousie 1985; LL.M. Yale 1986; ; Clerkship, Supreme Court of Canada, 1986-87 (Mr. Justice Estey)

Tel: 604.822 3140
Fax: 604 822-8108
Office Location: Allard Hall, room 346


Professor Isabel Grant's main research interests lie in the areas of criminal law. She is particularly interested in the law and policy issues surrounding male intimate partner violence against women, sexual assault, homicide, and HIV non- disclosure. She is currently working on an SSHRC funded project on sexual assault across the lifespan and a project on the ways in which HIV nondisclosure prosecutions have shaped and distorted sexual assault law. She teaches in the areas of criminal law, homicide, sentencing and mental health law. She is the secretary of the Faculty Appointments Committee and the co-supervisor of the Gale Moot team.  She is also a member of the  LEAF National Law Program Committee and the Litigation Advisory Committee for CACL.


  • Criminal Law, The Law of Homicide, Principles of Sentencing, Mental Health Law

Representative Published Works

  • “The Role of s.718.2(a)(ii) in Sentencing for Male Intimate Partner Violence against Women”  (2018) 96(1) Canadian Bar Review (forthcoming).
  • “Equality and the Defence of Provocation: Irreconcilable Differences” (2018) Dalhousie Law Journal (forthcoming) (with  Debra Parkes). 
  • “Intersecting Challenges: Mothers and Child Protection Law in BC” (2017) UBC Law Review forthcoming, approximately 55 pages (with Susan Boyd, Judith Mosoff and Ruben Lindy)
  • “The Sexual Assault of Older Women: Criminal Justice Responses in Canada” (2016) 62(1) McGill Law Journal pp 41-78 (with Janine Benedet).
  • “PS v Ontario: Rethinking The Role of the Charter in Civil Commitment” (2016) Osgoode Hall Law Journal (forthcoming) (with Peter Carver).
  • "Intimate Partner Criminal Harassment Through a Lens of Responsibilization” (2015) 52 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 551-591.
  • "Sexual Assault and the Meaning of Power and Authority for Women with Mental Disabilities”(2014) 22(2) Feminist Legal Studies, 131-154 (with Janine Benedet).
  • More than an Empty Gesture:  Enabling Women with Mental Disabilities to Testify on a Promise to Tell the Truth” (with Janine Benedet) (2013) 25 CJWL 31-55.
  • 'The Normal Ones Take Time': Civil Commitment and Sexual Assault in R v Alsadi (2012), 24:2 CJWL 439-457.
  • “Taking the Stand:  Access to Justice for Witnesses with Mental Disabilities in Sexual Assault Cases”  (2013) 50 Osgoode Hall LJ pp 1-50 (with Janine Benedet).

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