Ljiljana Biuković

Associate Professor
On admin leave (September to December 31, 2018)

LL.B. University of Belgrade 1986; LL.M. Central European University, Budapest 1995; LL.M. UBC 1995; Ph.D. UBC 2000

Tel: 604.822.0312
Fax: 604.822.8108
E-mail:  biukovic@allard.ubc.ca
Office Location: Allard Hall, room 454



Dr. Biuković is an Associate Professor in the Allard School of Law. She teaches Contract Law, European Union Law, and Regional Integration in the Americas. Her research interests are in the areas of international economic law and European Union integration. She publishes regularly on topics of legal transplantation of international norms and standards by national governments, the impact of regionalism on multilateral trade negotiations, mega-regional trade and investment agreements, and the development of European Union. At present, she is a co-investigator in the Major Collaborative Research Initiative research project on Coordinated Compliance of International Trade Law and Human Rights funded by SSHRC. Her work focuses on the interaction between international trade rules and local human rights norms and practices in the context of performance of international trade agreements and cooperation among developing countries.

Dr. Biukovic currently supervises graduate students in the fields of international trade law and regional economic integration but she will not be accepting new graduate students in 2018/2019.


  • Contracts
  • European Union Law
  • External Relations of European Union

Representative Published Works

"Transparency Issues in Negotiations of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union" (2012) 39:1 Legal Issues of Economic Integration 93-109.

  • "International Law Interrupted - A Case of Selective Adaptation (2010) 60 University of New Brunswick Law Journal 161-177.
  • "Anatomy of an Experiment: Consolidation of EU Contract Law" (2008) 42:1 UBC Law Review 277-314.
  • "Selective Adaptation of WTO Transparency Norms and Local Practices in China and Japan" (2008) 11 Journal of International Economic Law 1-23.
  • "The New Face of CEFTA and its Dispute Resolution Mechanism" (2008) 33:3 Review of Central and East European Law 253-294.
  • "Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and Regional Trade Agreements: South American and Caribbean Modalities" (2008) 14 UC Davis Journal of International Law and Policy 255-296.
  • "Compliance with International Treaties - Selective Adaptation Analysis" (2006) 44 Canadian Yearbook of International Law 451-477.
  • "European Community in Disputes Before GATT/WTO Tribunals: Challenges of Coexistence of Regional Trade Agreements and WTO" (2006) 9 Waseda Proceedings of Comparative Law 105-139.
  • "A Search for Effective Measures and Procedures to Enforce Intellectual Property Rights in the European Union" in F. Astengo & N. Neuwahl, eds., A Constitution For Europe? Governance and Policy-Making in the European Union, vol. I (Montreal: University of Montreal, 2004) 175-214.

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