Mary Liston

Assistant Professor 

B.A. (Hons) (UWO), M.A. (York), LL.B. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto)

Tel: 604.822.9844
Office: Allard Hall, room 447


Mary Liston is an Assistant Professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia. She teaches administrative law, public law, legal theory, and law and literature. Prior to her appointment at UBC, she held a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Law and Ethics at the Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto. She completed her doctoral work in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, having already received an M.A. in Social and Political Thought at York University, an LL.B. from the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto, and an Honours B.A. in English Language and Literature at the University of Western Ontario. Her research focuses on advanced and comparative public law, Canadian administrative law, Aboriginal administrative law, theories of the rule of law, and law and literature. Her work has been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada. She is a co-author along with Craig S. Forcese, Adam Dodek, Philip Bryden, Peter Carver, Richard Haigh, and Constance MacIntosh of Public Law: Cases, Commentary and Analysis, 3rd ed (Emond Publishing, 2015). She is also a contributor to the casebook Administrative Law in Context, 2nd ed (Emond Publishing, 2013).

Her recent research projects include an analysis of legal and moral import of the duty to consult and accommodate in administrative law and the function of apologies in Canadian public law. More information about the apologies project can be found in this Faculty Profile and the notice about Professor's Liston Hampton Grant Award. For an overview of her latest work in administrative law, please visit the the Research Profile article Analytic Frameworks in Administrative Law.

From 2017-18, Professor Liston seved as the Director of Allard Law's Law and Social Justice Specialization.

Representative Published Works

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  • Chapter 1: Public Law in Canada
  • Chapter 10: Statutory Interpretation

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Selected publications are also listed on the Law Library Faculty Research Publications Database

Her publications are available on Social Science Research Network (SSRN).