Robert Russo


LLB, LLM, PhD (Allard School of Law)

Tel: 604-827-2187
Office: 360B


Dr. Russo obtained his LLB, LLM and PhD degrees from the Allard School of Law. His research has been primarily in the area of immigration and labour law and he has published several peer-reviewed articles in this field. He has also held previous teaching appointments at the law school, and has taught first-year Torts, Transnational Law and Public Law in the JD program, as well as Advanced Legal Research and Writing and subjects in the LLM CL and Distance Learning programs. 
Dr. Russo worked as a legal researcher before pursuing his LLM degree. Following the LLM program, he worked for almost a decade as a Resolution Manager and Acting Senior Resolution Manager with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. He was one of the Federal Government’s representatives at hearings held across Canada to resolve individual claims related to federally operated residential schools.  

He is an active member in the local legal community. He has taught for the Continuing Legal Education Society among other organizations, and has volunteered his time with Amnesty International and the Inland Refugee Network in Vancouver.


“Collective Struggles: A Comparative Analysis of Unionizing Temporary Foreign Farm Workers in the United States and Canada” Houston Journal of International Law (Forthcoming 2018)

“Temporarily Unchained: The Drive to Unionize Foreign Seasonal Agricultural Workers in Canada -- A Comment on Greenway Farms and UFCW” 169 (2011) BC Studies 131

 “A Cooperative Conundrum? The NAALC and Mexican Migrant Workers in the United States” 17:1 (2010-11) Law and Business Review of the Americas 27

Robert Russo, “SAWP and Unionization,” * Invited as a presenter to the 2010 Royal Society of Canada Symposium, “Immigrating to Canada? Who Comes? Who Stays? Who Decides?” Ottawa, Ontario, October 15, 2010

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(with W. Wesley Pue) “The Problem of Official Discretion in Anti-Terrorism Law: A Comment on R. v. Khawaja” 24 (2008) Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 57


LAW 515 (Canadian Public Law), LAW 503E (Canadian Tort Law), LAW 505 (Canadian Criminal Law & Procedure), LAW 515 (Canadian Private Law: Contractual Obligations and Remedies)