Final Exams, Final Papers, and Grading Information for Faculty

2018-2019 Academic Year Examinations, Papers and Grades Information for Faculty



If faculty have any questions about examinations, final papers or grades, please contact:


Examination Schedules


Final Examinations Instructions for Faculty and Adjunct Faculty


Examination Invigilation Information


Examination Submission and Examination Grades Deadlines for Faculty and Adjunct Faculty

For exam courses, please post the student grades on the Instructor Grading Sheet (indexed by student exam code), which will be provided to you with the completed exam answer booklets and computerized exam answer printouts on the exam day.  If you would prefer to enter the marks in an Excel spreadsheet, please enter your marks in the Excel spreadsheet that Dayna Payette will email to you prior to your exam date.


Final Paper Submission Deadlines for Students and Grades Submission Instructions and Deadlines for Faculty


Grades Policies


Examination and Paper Concessions and Accommodations

Students asking for examination and/or paper consessions and accommodations should be directed to: