House Post of qiyǝplenǝxʷ

Also visible from the Lounge is the House Post of ‘qiyǝplenǝxʷ’ (‘Capilano’) by Musqueam artist Brent Sparrow Jr.  This welcoming figure, representing an important Musqueam leader who maintained a fortified warrior outpost  in this area, stands on the north side of Allard Hall, looking out over the Salish Sea and the north entrance to campus, as the original qiyǝplenǝxʷ and countless Musqueam before have done for centuries.  It also serves to recognize the historic and ongoing relationship between the Allard School of Law and the Musqueam people in the pursuit of justice and education related to Indigenous peoples.

On March 20th, 2012 a group of 75 faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends gathered in front of Allard Hall to honour the newly raised First Nations Musqueam House Post.  Brent Sparrow Jr. was commissioned to carve this house post.  The ceremony also included a traditional Coast Salish blessing.  Thelma Stogan, a respected member of the Musqueam Nation, bless the post using cedar boughs.










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