Indigenous Student Support

Academic Success

Academic assistance includes workshops, tutoring, and academic advising for Indigenous students. Currently offered:

  • How to Brief a Case workshop
  • Charting your Resources – a guide to Utilizing Caselaw
  • How to Attack a Fact Pattern session
  • Exam Tips workshop
  • One on one academic tutoring

Networking and Career events

  • Speaker Series (with ILSA)
  • Potlucks with notable alumni and notable Indigenous lawyers and Indigenous advocates
  • An Invite only Employer Networking Event (with the CSO)
  • Aboriginal Law panel (with CSO)
  • Alumni evening Socials
  • Volunteer opportunities with Indigenous charitable organizations
  • Facilitation of legal opportunities geared towards Canadian Indigenous law students

Wellness and Cultural Support

  • End of term student engagement feasting and celebration
  • Wellness and personal support

Cultural support consists of social gatherings and cultural workshops throughout the academic year. The Indigenous Law Students Association is a vibrant student-led organization that works closely with the Indigenous Legal Studies Program to coordinate the events.

In terms of career support, the Indigenous Legal Studies Program works with the Career Services Office at the Faculty of Law to assist Indigenous students in securing articling positions Services include cover letter and resume review,  mock interviews, networking opportunities and firm tours and exposure. The Indigenous Legal Studies Program hosts articling receptions and invites alumni to Speaker Series and social events during the academic year to connect prospective employers with Indigenous law students.

The Indigenous Legal Studies Program is also closely connected with the larger Aboriginal community at the University of British Columbia that finds its home at the First Nations House of Learning.

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