JD Admissions – Important Dates

Dates & Deadlines

First-year JD Applications December 1 Deadline for first-year JD applications (Regular, Discretionary, Indigenous)
Document deadline for first-year JD applicants January 31 Document deadline for first-year JD applicants (Regular, Discretionary, Indigenous)
LSAT Deadline February Last acceptable writing of the LSAT. Decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning in December and continue through to the summer months. We strongly encourage applicants to take the LSAT prior to the February test date. An applicant who wishes to rely on the February LSAT score may diminish his/her chance of gaining admission due to the delayed review of his/her file and the possibility that there may no longer be positions available in the upcoming entry class. Applications from candidates who write the February LSAT will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed until all elements, including the February LSAT score, are received. After the complete file is reviewed, if it is considered competitive with other applicants for a place in the upcoming entry class and if a position is still available, the applicant may either be admitted or placed on a wait list.
Upper-year Applications April 30 Deadline for upper-year applications (Transfer, Letter of Permission, NCA, Advanced Standing).
Document Deadline for Upper-year Applicants May 31 Document deadline for upper-year applicants (Transfer, Letter of Permission, NCA, Advanced Standing). Law school transcripts may be submitted by the first week of June.