JD Locker Allocation in Allard Hall

There are 442 small lockers in the basement of Allard Hall available for use by the Faculty’s ~600 JD students. These lockers are allocated by application every September utilizing procedures developed by the Allard Law Students' Society (ALSS) and Student Services. Students who seek a locker after the September allocation should contact the law school Reception to inquire as to whether there are any lockers available. There are ~10 day use lockers available to all Law students on a daily basis and are first-come first-serve each day.

Reminder: all students, including those with priority locker access, must apply/re-apply for a locker every September. Lockers are assigned for the September-April period. JD students who are taking summer session classes and wish to keep their locker over the summer should contact Reception.

How to Apply for a Locker

Upper-Years and 1Ls who did not receive a locker at Orientation: Complete the Online Application here. Please review the NEW locker allocation procedures below which guarantee lockers to certian student groups.

Upper-Year JD students (and 1Ls who did not receive a locker at Orientation) interested in applying for a locker for the 2018-2019 academic year should review the Locker Allocation Procedures below and then apply for a locker at the above link. Applications must be submitted by noon on Wednesday, September 5, 2018. First-Year students will be surveyed about their locker needs pre-Orientation in a separate survey and should not complete the above survey unless they did not receive a locker at Orientation.

Graduate student lockers are available in the Graduate Lounge and graduate students should contact the Graduate Law Students' Society for more information.

Locker Allocation Procedures

Lockers will be allocated using the following priorities:

1. Students with a health condition who would benefit from priority locker assignment will be prioritized in the locker allocation process.  Students requesting priority locker assignment in this category should complete the above survey AND contact Assistant Dean, Students Kaila Mikkelsen by the application deadline explaining the need for priority allocation.

2. First-year students are guaranteed a locker if requested in the pre-Orientation survey. Locker numbers will be assigned at Orientation.

3. Upper-year students (including exchange and visiting students) at Allard Hall for the entire academic year. In the event that the number of students seeking lockers exceeds the number of available lockers, Student Services will conduct a random lottery to assign lockers to students. Students may elect to apply for a locker as a single or apply as a pair to share a locker. If students apply as a pair and there are enough lockers for everyone then all students will receive an individual locker.

4. Upper-Year students (including exchange and visiting students) at Allard Hall for one term only (this includes students participating in a full-term off-site clinic). This fourth priority group of students will only be considered for a locker if there are lockers remaining after implementing priorities 1-3. These students are encouraged to request a locker as part of a pair.

Given the limited number of lockers, the following students are discouraged from applying for a locker or, if they do apply, are encouraged to apply as a pair:

  • Students who live close to the law school
  • Students who have access to office space in Allard Hall
  • Students on exchange for one or more terms
  • Students participating in an off-site clinic or externship

Locker Assignment Notification

Student names and corresponding locker numbers will be posted in the basement locker area within a week of the application deadline. Students should note their locker number and place a lock on the assigned locker. Students must provide their own locks.