Law Faculty Colloquium - 2010 Spring

Held Friday afternoons through the academic year, the Law Faculty Colloquium features presentations and discussions of faculty research. All are welcome to join the continuing conversation on ideas about the law.

2010 Spring Schedule
Fridays, 2:30-4:00
UCLL Room 176 (6331 Crescent Road)
Refreshments served

January 15, 2010
Wes Pue, Janis Sarra and Doug Harris, Communists, Corporations, and Aboriginal Rights: Reflections on 100 Years of the BC Court of Appeal

January 22, 2010
David Duff, Rethinking Tax Enforcement and Compliance

January 29, 2010 
Susan Boyd, No Presumptions! Joint Custody in the British Columbia Court of Appeal

February 5, 2010
Sharon Sutherland, Accept This!: Using Theatre Games to Get Past "Yes, But..." in Law School

February 12, 2010  
Pitman Potter, Changing Discourses of Property Law in China

March 5, 2010
Bob Paterson, Selling the Family Jewels!; Deaccessioning and Museums

March 12, 2010
Ben Perrin and Michael Jackson (Celebrate Research week) , Research with Impact: Engaging Governments and the Public in Policy-Relevant Research

March 19, 2010 
Cristie Ford, "What does the Global Financial Crisis Mean for New Governance Scholarship?"

March 26, 2010 
Geraldine Pratt (Geography UBC), (Neo)Liberal Ambivalence and the Deferral of Inclusion: Filipino Foreign Domestic Workers and their Families in Canada

April 9, 2010  
Tony Sheppard, "Forming the Extreme Professional: Combining Archival and Diplomatics Theory with the Law of Evidence and Computer Science to Create the Digital Records Forensics Expert"