Law Faculty Colloquium - Fall 2012

Held Monday afternoons through the academic year, the Law Faculty Colloquium features presentations and discussions of faculty research. All are welcome to join the continuing conversation on ideas about the law.

2012 - 2013 Fall Semester Schedule
Mondays, 12:30 - 2:00 (unless otherwise stated)
Allard Hall 122
Refreshments served

September 17, 2012 
Janine Benedet, UBC Faculty of Law, The Federal Sex-Offender Registry:  A Victim-Centred Evaluation

September 24, 2012 -
Jean Allain, Queen's University of Belfast School of Law, Slavery in International Law: Unpacking Human Exploitation

October 12, 2012 *3:00 - 4:30 pm*
Ilam Benshalom, Hebrew University Faculty of Law, How To Redistribute? A Critical Examination of Mechanisms to Promote Global Wealth Redistribution , (please note date and time)

October 15, 2012 
David Boyd, Adjunct Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, SFU, The Right to a Healthy Environment: Revitalizing Canada's Constitution

October 19, 2012 
Kathryn James, Monash University, with David Duff, UBC Faculty of Law, Explaining convergence in tax policy - The Rise and Rise of the Value-Added Tax

October 22, 2012
Andrew Acland, Managing Uncertainty in Public Policy Dispute Resolution

October 29, 2012 
Galit Sarfaty, UBC Faculty of Law with Natasha Affolder and Pitman Potter, UBC Faculty of Law (Autor/Critic book discussion),  Values in Translation: Human Rights and the Culture of the World Bank

November 5, 2012 - *4pm - 5:15pm*
Jeremy Levitt, Illegal Peace in Africa: An Inquiry into the Legality of Power-Sharing with Warlords, Rebels, and Junta

November 26, 2012 
Lynn Smith, retired BCSC Justice, Margot Young, UBC Faculty of Law, and Hart Schwartz, Ontario AG, Roundtable Section 15: The Most Challenged Right

January 7, 2013 
David Garland, New York University School of Law, American Penalty and The American State

January 28, 2013 
Ljiljana Biukovic and Pitman Potter, UBC Faculty of Law, Careful with International Investments

February 4, 2013 
Gary Watt, Director of European and International Courses, School of Law, The University of Warwick,  Law's Future as a Humanity Discipline

March 4, 2013 
Fiona Kelly, UBC Faculty of Law, Is the Family Law Act Good For Women? 

March 11, 2013 
Ayesha Chaudhry, Department of Classics, Near Eastern and Religious Studies, UBC, Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition: Ethics, Law and the Muslim Discourse on Gender

March 18, 2013 
Sarah Rauch, UBC Faculty of Law, Indigenous Clinical Practice and Pedagogy

March 25, 2013
Brian Cheffins, Cambridge University Faculty of Law, The History of Corporate Governance

April 2, 2013 
Sharon Sutherland, UBC Faculty of Law, Mediating with Vulnerable Parties: Approaches from Child Protection Mediation

April 8, 2013 
Dame Anne Salmond, Cecil and Ida Green Visiting Professor, Ontological Quarrels: Citizenship and Exclusion in a Relational World

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