Careers in Social Justice

Public Interest Legal Careers

The practice of law provides a unique opportunity to further social and environmental justice, and many lawyers have fulfilling and sustainable careers in the public interest sector. However, career paths for lawyers who wish to practise public interest law are not as well-defined as career paths in the more conventional areas of law. More initiative is required by lawyers and law students to search out opportunities which make a positive impact while at the same time make a living.

Allard Law's Public Interest Coordinator, Tracy Wachmann, is available to help students and Alumni clarify areas of interest, provide information on existing and potential public interest law opportunities and assist students and Alumni in building a strategy for pursuing and maintaining a public interest legal career. For more information, contact Tracy Wachmann.

Public Interest Legal Careers Guide, 2nd ed. (2012)

The path to a public interest career is less defined than more traditional career options and the second edition of Public Interest Legal Careers Guide provides information, advice and resources tailored to helping students develop a public interest career in one complete package.

The Guide's 200+ pages are intended to assist students with: identifying what you are looking for in your career; building a foundation for that career during law school; locating internships, summer employment and articling positions; creating an effective public interest application package (with samples); and navigating the job interview and acceptance process. The Guide also offers information and advice for those students who are looking to incorporate public interest into a more traditional private practice.


  • $10 (incl. GST) for students and alumni from the Allard School of Law (or free in PDF format via ACE at
  • $20 (incl. GST) plus shipping and handling for individuals not affiliated with the Allard School of Law