Law and Social Justice Specialization

The Allard School of Law has a long history of engagement with social justice issues. Through the expertise of its faculty, the strength of its students, and the dedication of its alumni community, Allard Law has emerged as a national leader in Law and Social Justice.

The Law and Social Justice Specialization recognizes students who focus part of their legal studies on areas related to the use of law to advance and engage with broader justice issues.  The Specialization asks students to think critically and analytically about law and justice issues through enrollment in a selection of social justice related courses. Courses included in the Specialization examine the role of law and legal discourse in constructing and maintaining social, political, and economic inequalities, as well as the potential for law to shift inequalities rooted in social relations. 

The Specialization is flexibly designed to enable students to take their compulsory upper year courses and also to pursue interests in related fields. Any student in the JD program may earn a Specialization in Law and Social Justice by satisfying the specified requirements.

Eligible students receive a letter from the faculty certifying that they have completed the Faculty's Specialization in Law and Social Justice. No official notification is made on a student's academic transcript. Students may however, at their discretion, note achievement of the Specialization on their CVs.

The Specialization is not available to graduate students, although graduate students may enroll in some of law and social justice courses.

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