Master of Laws (Common Law) Program - How to Apply

For application to the Master of Law in Common Law program for admission in May 2019 or September 2019, please read the following information carefully.  

Our application dates have recently changed. Please carefully note which deadlines apply to you:

Program Start Date 

Applications Open

Deadline of submission for ALL documents (excluding References)

Deadline of submission of References

May 2020

August 1, 2019

October 31, 2019

November 15, 2019

September 2020

September 1, 2019

December 15, 2019

January 10, 2020


  • If your prior law degree is from a non-common law jurisdiction, you must apply to the May program start date. Non-common law trained applicants for the September start date will not be considered.

  • The deadlines to submit your application, all documents, and letters of reference, are firm. Applications that are incomplete at that time will not be considered.

  • Please read the minimum requirements for admission to a UBC graduate program, as set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

  • Please read the program specific admission requirements.

  • Please read the information below on how to complete you application carefully. Failure to follow the instructions may lead to your applications being deemed incomplete and inadmissible.


Successful applicants are often well clear of the minimum requirements, demonstrating strong academic and professional experience with strong letters of reference and a detailed personal statement. We receive over 200 applications each year to this program across the two intakes. The Graduate Committee only offer admission to a small proportion of applicants each year.

The program is one year in length for full time students and two years for part-time students. Part-time status is by the permission of the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies only.

After reading the department information and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies information, if you have questions, please contact the LLM CL program at

Application Procedures

Before you begin your application: Please read all instructions and procedures thoroughly and carefully. If your application is incomplete or incorrect at the deadline, you will not be considered for admission. Extensions to the deadline will not be granted for any reason, and failure to follow instructions or submit material on time will result in your application being disqualified.

Application Form

Fill out and submit the online application form through the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website. You will need to upload the documents below to the application system directly. You will also need to pay the application fee before the application is officially submitted.  

Please note:

  • We recommend submitting the application well in advance of the above noted deadline. You are still able to add documents to your submitted application through the document deadline.
  • Our system only notifies referees after you submit your application and pay the application fee.
  • You can view the status of your documents in the application system – please allow at least three weeks for us to update your document status.
  • Any hard copy documents sent to the program will be updated to the system at least four weeks from when they were posted. Due to the number of application we receive, we are not able to send confirmation emails of receipt or a notification that the document has been uploaded.

Application fees

  • Canadian (and Permanent Resident, Refugee, and Diplomat) applicants: $102.00 CDN
  • International applicants: $165.00 CDN

The application fee may be waived in a limited number of cases. Allard Law is not able to waive the application fee outside of those cases


Required Supporting Documents:

1) Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Provide details of education, academic awards, relevant work experience, relevant volunteer experience, publications, conference presentations, etc. Please upload a copy of your CV to your online application.

2) Transcripts 

Scan and upload PDF copies of all post-secondary official transcripts to the online system. Note that these must be scans of an official transcript. In-progress official transcripts are acceptable for applying to the program. Transcripts downloaded from your university’s student portal are NOT acceptable. These uploaded copies of your documents will be used for initial evaluation of the applicant.

The Graduate Program will ONLY accept PDF Files. Image files are not acceptable and could result in your application being deemed incomplete.

You are not required to submit hard copies of your transcripts unless you are made an offer of admission. Further instructions will follow.

Please find instructions for uploading scanned copies of official transcripts for Canadian credentials and International credentials, as required by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Please note the following documents requirements:

  • For transcripts and degree certificates not in English - You must upload scanned versions of English language translations of all transcripts and degree certificates completed by a certified translator. For degrees from China, official original and English language translations of degree certificates are required in addition to transcripts.
  • You must include a marking guide for each transcript. This is usually provided at either the end or on the back of each page of the transcript or can be found in a supplement that accompanies the transcript. If it is not in these places, you will need to supply the marking guide from the institution.
  • You must upload each institution’s transcript as a separate document. Therefore, if you have attended two different institutions, each transcript is to be uploaded as a separate file.
  • For transcripts of more than one page in length, please combine the entire transcript in one file. Do not upload each page as a separate document.

Secure Electronic Delivery of Transcripts

  • For institutions that offer secure electronic delivery of official transcripts, please contact us for further instructions: Please continue on complete the rest of your application including submitting the application and paying the application fee. 
  • Please note an e-transcript is downloaded via a link to a secure site. It is NOT an email attachment of any kind, even if sent from an authority at the issuing institution.

3) References

The Graduate Program requires three letters of reference, at least one of which should be from an academic referee who is able to speak to your abilities as a student. If it has been more than 5 years since you graduated, you may submit three professional letters of references.  Detailed information regarding reference requirements and instructions can be found on the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies webpage and our own Informational Guide for Referees that you can give to your referees.

Please note the following information.

  • You must supply a valid and correct email address for each of your referees. Only after you submit your application and pay the application fee will your referees receive an email with submission instructions. (As noted above, you can still upload documents to your submitted application up to the document deadline.)
  • We strongly recommend providing a referee’s institution or company email address to submit a e-reference directly to our application system. Referees with email addresses from free email providers (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) will not be able to submit electronic references. They will need to mail us a hard copy letter and/or form in a sealed envelope signed across the seal that is received by the Graduate Program by the referee deadline listed on the website.
  • Please ensure your referee is aware of the upcoming request for a reference and has the capacity to submit the reference within the deadline.

4) Statement of Intent

Applicants are required to upload a Statement of Intent. This is your opportunity to outline the features of your application that distinguish you from the rest of the applicants to this program. The Graduate Committee is particularly interested in understanding your reasons for applying to this program. Your statement should describe what makes you well suited to the LLM Common Law program, including your particular skills, interests, relevant professional experience, and your professional goals. The personal statement is also the place to discuss any additional information that has not been highlighted in your application that you would like the Graduate Committee to consider.

The Statement of Intent should be approximately 500 words in length.

5) English Language Proficiency Test Results 

Applicants with a post-secondary degree (equivalent to a bachelor's or higher) from a university where English is not the primary language of instruction for the entire university must demonstrate sufficient English language proficiency through one of the approved English language proficiency examinations. You must upload a copy of your test scores to your application and we will verify you results with the testing agency for authenticity. We only accept test scores for exams taken within the last two years.

Please consult Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for further information about English proficiency requirements including department requirements.

The LLM CL Program requires:

  • TOEFL: minimum score of 100, with a Reading, Writing, and Listening minimum score of 25 and Speaking minimum score of 21.
  • IELTS (Academic): minimum overall band of 7.0 with a reading and writing band minimum of 7.0; or
  • GCE: A level English examination with a standing of at least "B".

The examining body must send results directly to the Allard School of Law, Attention: LLM CL Program. For TOEFL examinations, our institution code is 0965 and the department code is 03.

The Graduate Program at Allard Hall does not offer conditional admissions on the basis of an English language training program.

6) Immigration Documents 

Permanent residents must upload a clear scanned copy of their Permanent Resident Card (front and back) to their application.


If you require assistance, please contact the program by e-mail at

Updated 31 July 2018