Spotlight on Allard Law’s newly named Wesbrook Scholars

Julia Sande is one of three Allard Law students who have
received the Wesbrook Scholar Designation this year.

Three Allard Law students have been selected as UBC Wesbrook Scholars this year— third year students Paul Jon, Julia Sande and Hannah Roche.

The Wesbrook Scholar Designation is given to twenty outstanding undergraduate and post-baccalaureate UBC students each year in a university-wide competition, and is one of the highest honours a UBC student can achieve. Wesbrook Scholars are selected for their achievement across several areas, including academic excellence, leadership and community involvement.

Our Wesbrook Scholars recently made time to share a little bit about themselves with us. Learn more about Julia below.

What has been the highlight of your law school experience?

It is hard to only pick one, but having the opportunity to support the UN Human Rights Committee while in Geneva (through Allard’s International Justice and Human Rights Clinic) was really incredible. In particular, I enjoyed meeting with NGOs from the countries that the Committee was reviewing, so that we could ensure that the Committee’s work was informed by people’s lived experiences.

What’s been your favorite course?

Family law. I enjoyed learning about laws that attempt to reflect the complexities of family relationships. Family law is filled with interesting and important public policy implications, many of which we explored in class, including the ways in which certain partnerships are seen as legitimate and others are not, the privatization of support obligations, attempts to protect vulnerable partners and determinations of what constitutes the best interests of the child.

How do you maintain balance and wellness during school?

Sometimes it can be difficult, as law school can be very consuming. These are pretty standard, but spending time with loved ones and having interests that are completely unrelated to the law can help to keep things in perspective. I live close to Jericho beach, so I also love going for bike rides along the beach paths when we are lucky enough to have a sunny day.

If you could give any advice to your 1L self, what would it be?

Get a separate keyboard and prop your laptop up on books - it will save your neck and back! In addition to the reminder to prioritize mental health and time spent with loved ones, I would also tell my 1L self to try to work with some professors whose research you are interested in. I have had the privilege of working with Professor Ghebremusse. I have learned so much from her and she has been an incredibly supportive and encouraging mentor.

What are you currently reading?

I just finished “She Would be King” by Wayétu Moore. A friend gave it to me for my birthday and I would highly recommend it.

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