Ray Herbert Award

Awarded to the best all-round graduating student as determined by a committee of his or her peers. The criteria used in making the selection are academic achievement, athletic involvement, the ability to work with and lead others, and moral force of character.  Honours Ray Herbert, D.F.C., C.D., Q.C. who rendered extraordinary service to his country both in war and peace, to his university and the law school, and to the legal profession in BC.

Past Recipients of the Ray Herbert Award

2019    Young, Asha Nicole

2018    Joseph William Doyle
2017    Alyssa Anson Leung, Maria Oswald
2016    Amjad Khadhair
2015    Darcy McKitrick
2014    Steven Chasey
2013    Joanne Barnum
2012    Jessica Fletcher
2011    Shirley Smiley 
2010    William J. Murray      
2009    Geoffrey Rawle     
2008    Jennifer O. Y. Lau, Tariq A. Ahmed
2007    Jeffrey Robinson
2006    Hayley D. Laker
2005    Agnes Y. S. Huang, Jitesh M. Mistry   
2004    M. Kathleen Kinch    
2003    Donn Short    
2002    Miranda L. Lam         
2001    David Kolb    
2000    Jennifer L.  Francis
1999    Doran S. Chandler, Peter M. Smith
1998    James P. Tate
1997    Gregory McGunigle
1996    Daniel J. McLeod
1995    Nikos E. Harris
1994    Valerie A. Schilling
1993    Lan Yip
1992    Leslie A. Palleson
1991    Simon T. N. Cridland
1990    John F. Anderson 
1989    Lena L. Dal Santo, Vincent G. Critchley