Recently Published Alumni Profiles

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Kyla Lee (JD 2011) - October 2018

Kyla Lee (JD ’11) is a criminal defence lawyer with Acumen Law Corporation in Vancouver, focusing on drinking and driving offences. Kyla hosts a podcast, Driving Law, which discusses current criminal law matters in BC and Canada. As well, Kyla generously supports one Allard School of Law student each year through the Kyla Lee Indigenous Law Students Award. Read More>

Jim Horsman (LLB 1960) - May 2018

James (Jim) Horsman, QC, CM (Class of 1960) has led an extraordinary life, most of which he has dedicated to serving his community. After graduating from law school, Mr. Horsman moved back to his home province of Alberta and embarked on a momentous career in law, politics, higher education, and public service. Mr. Horsman’s can-do attitude and selflessness has led him to take on various roles and his law degree from the Allard School of Law placed him in a position to have a lasting impact on the Medicine Hat community and beyond. Read more>

Myrna McCallum (LLB '05) - February 2018

Myrna was a single mother of young children during her time at law school. Her decision to pursue a career in law was prompted by witnessing years of racism, exclusion and the over-representation of Indigenous peoples in prisons and in the justice system overall in Saskatchewan (where she grew up). In this interview, she shares her inspiring story and what brought her back to UBC. Read more>

Nicholas Tsoi (LLB 2008) - January 2018

For Alumnus Nicholas Tsoi, volunteering has played an integral role in shaping his career and building positive  relationships. “There might be one or two highlight classes, you might do a moot, but it’s the relationships that you build that shape your law school experience.” Read More>

John-Paul Boyd (LLB '99) - December 2017

Initially planning a career in philosophy and social activism, John-Paul Boyd has become a leading figure in family law in Alberta (where he currently practices), BC, and across Canada. You may recognize his name from the popular legal wiki-book JP Boyd on Family Law. Read More>

Alice Davidson (JD '11) - November 2017

One of our speakers at the recent annual Pecha Kucha event, Alice Davidson talked to us about her search for happiness and fulfilment in her law career, which she balances with her passion for spin. Read More>

J. Kelly Hoey (LLB '91) - October 2017

Recently named one of the 100 most influential women on Twitter, J. Kelly Hoey just published her first book, Build Your Dream Network. She tells us about the path that got her to where she is today and her advice for recent Allard School of Law graduates. Read More>

Jessica Lewis (JD '15) - September 2017

The newest member of the Allard School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors, Jessica Lewis is already enjoying the opportunity to give back to the law school community through this role. Jessica joinedBennett Jones LLP in 2016 just two years after they opened their first Vancouver office. She talks about the unique opportunities of working at a national firm but in a small, growing office. Read More>

Doug McLeod (LLB '09) - July/August 2017

Born and raised in British Columbia, Doug McLeod knew the type of legal career he wanted was in Toronto. So, without knowing anyone, he landed a second year summer position in the Ontario city and has now spent the last 10 years building a successful career. Learn about what he thinks makes this transition easier and when it's the best time in your career to leverage a move to a different city. Read More>

Shari Hosaki (JD '90) - June 2017

Vice-President Associate General Counsel at Indigo, Shari Hosaki forged a path for herself in the corporate field as in-house and general counsel at numerous large companies. We spoke to her about her career so far, how she got her start, and working in a male-dominated field. Read More>

John Kleefeld (LLB '98) - May 2017

The University of New Brunswick has named Allard School of Law alum John Kleefeld as their new Dean of Law. He will begin his five-year term on July 1. John was previously an Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan's faculty of law. Read More>

Kate Bond (JD '11) - April 2017

In the summer of 2015, during the 25-minute bus commute to her downtown litigator role, Kate Bond wrote her first screenplay, Trapline, which has now won the $25,000 Daryl Duke Prize. She has currently moved to a part-time research lawyer with OnPoint Legal Research to allow time for her writing. Read More>

Dustin Klaudt (JD '13) - March 2017

After graduating from the Allard School of Law in 2013, Dustin Klaudt spent 8 months practicing in South Africa through the CBA Young Lawyers International Program following a passion for work in human rights and social justice. Read More>

Steven Ngo (JD '14) - February 2017

A self-described Social Entrepreneur, Steven discusses his founding roles with the non-profit Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers, and Healing Through Music, and how volunteering has made him a better lawyer. Read More>

Curt Howard (LLB '01) - January 2017

Alumnus Curt Howard talks about his experience as a Canadian lawyer for a large firm with headquarters in the US, the path that got him there, and why being a generalist in-house counsel is such an exciting role. Read More>