Recently Published Alumni Profiles

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Dustin Klaudt (JD '13) - March 2017

After graduating from the Allard School of Law in 2013, Dustin Klaudt spent 8 months practicing in South Africa through the CBA Young Lawyers International Program following a passion for work in human rights and social justice. Read More>

Steven Ngo (JD '14) - February 2017

A self-described Social Entrepreneur, Steven discusses his founding roles with the non-profit Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers, and Healing Through Music, and how volunteering has made him a better lawyer. Read More>

Curt Howard (LLB '01) - January 2017

Alumnus Curt Howard talks about his experience as a Canadian lawyer for a large firm with headquarters in the US, the path that got him there, and why being a generalist in-house counsel is such an exciting role. Read More>

Christopher Ellet (LLB '07, LLM '15) - December 2016

With experience in civic and corporate litigation, alum Christopher Ellett decided to focus on tax and estate law, starting with an LLM in Taxation. Now practicing in Calgary, he discusses Panama Papers and whether tax lawyers need to be "good with numbers". Read More>

Andi MacKay (JD '91) - August 2016

Andi is a trial and appeal lawyer at Winteringham MacKay. She has appeared at all court levels and is regularly involved in trials dealing with professional liability, criminal cases (both prosecutions and defense), commercial litigation, employment law, products liability, tavern liability, constitutional law, complex insurance litigation and tort litigation. Andi has been involved in many leading cases defining the scope of fiduciary duty and constructive trusts. In the criminal realm, Andi has been a prosecutor of complex criminal cases. Read More>

Shauna Towriss (LLB '05) - October 2016

In January, 2014 Shauna Towriss (LLB ‘05) joined the Allard School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors. What Shauna loves about the Alumni Association is that it brings together so many generations of law graduates to share their career experiences. Read More>

Janet Winteringham (LLB '91) - June 2016

In 2009, Janet Winteringham, Q.C. and Andi MacKay opened the doors of a boutique litigation firm in Gastown engaging, with two other lawyers, in criminal, civil and constitutional cases.  Janet’s interest in criminal and constitutional matters began at Simon Fraser University where she majored in Criminology and continued at the University of British Columbia where she obtained her LLB in 1991. Read More>

Michelle Quigg (JD '06) - May 2016

Michelle Quigg is the Roster Coordinator for Access Pro Bono and an immigration lawyer whose most recent work has been with stateless clients. She is passionate about increasing access to justice, particularly as it relates to helping individuals who have fallen through the cracks of Canada’s immigration,refugee and citizenship system. She provides pro bono services to individuals and to Battered Women Support Services (BWSS).  Together with her husband, Michelle has two wonderful children. Read more>

Flora Vineberg (JD '14) - April 2016

With a passion for protecting human rights, recent graduate Flora Vineberg knew early on that she wanted to go to law school one day.  At a young age her mother took her to a memorial for the Montreal Massacre: “It was sort of my first exposure to the idea of injustice. I guess as I grew up and matured, my thoughts were able to progress and I just realized that knowledge is power."  Read more>

Renée Sarojini Saklikar (LLB ’90) - March 2016

After being called to the bar in 1991, Renée practiced law for a number of years before realizing that a poet’s life was for her. She describes the transition from lawyer to poet as both “difficult and marvelous” at the same time. In 2010, Renée graduated from the Writers Studio of the Continuing Studies Department at Simon Fraser University, which served as the beginning of what proved to be a successful career as a writer. Read More>