Graduation & Law Society Information

Third-Year students should carefully read the following information about how to apply to graduate, confirming your degree, and completing your application to article.

Applying to Graduate

You must apply to graduate online through the Student Service Centre even if you do not intend to participate in the graduation ceremony. You cannot graduate unless you apply to graduate. The on-line graduation application is open for a defined period of time prior to each graduation period, and Susan Morin, the Director of Student Academic Services, will notify graduating students when the link to the online application is active.

Information about the graduation ceremony, dates and tickets is located at

Law Society - Confirmation of Degree Completion

In May, the Law Society of BC (LSBC) will send Susan Morin, Director, Student Academic Services, a list of students who have applied to begin their articles in May (the "Law Society Admission Program" or LSAP). On May 8, Susan will confirm for the LSBC the May graduates for any students on that list so that students can begin articling on May 9.

If you are applying to the LSBC to start articles or the Professional Legal Training Course in May, it is not necessary for you to request that the Faculty of Law send an individual letter from the Dean to the LSBC on your behalf.

If you are applying to a law society in a province other than BC, you must inform Susan Morin and provide her with the mailing address for that province's law society. Susan will send an individual letter to that law society once your graduation is approved in May.

Once your degree is conferred and reflected on your transcript in May, you will need to order an official transcript (through the Student Service Centre) to be sent to the LSBC. Faculty of Law staff cannot do this for you.

The LSBC will not need for you to have a transcript sent to them until your degree is posted and reflected on your transcript. You will be notified by Susan Morin once your degree is posted to your transcript so that you know when to order one.

Filing and Submitting Your Application for Articles

The Law Society of British Columbia places a great deal of importance on its function as a gatekeeper for the admission of law students into the legal profession. In particular, the Law Society seeks to protect the public interest in the administration of justice by only granting articles (or temporary "summer articles" to students who are of "good character and repute."

Consequently, it is important to be careful, complete and honest when filling out your application for temporary articles. The Law Society employs investigators (usually former police officers) who may conduct searches of applicants including, but not limited to, online materials (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, websites, blog posts), court registries and the Canadian Police Information Centre (a computerized information system which provides all Canadian law enforcement agencies with information on crimes and criminals).

Information and forms are at Law Society website. If you have any questions at all, particularly with respect to filling out the sections pertaining to good character, prior employment history, or medical fitness, contact Chira Perla, Assistant Dean of Career Services, at 604.827.3604 or by email. You may also contact Lesley Small, Manager, Credentials & Licensing, Law Society of British Columbia at 604.443.5778 or by email.

If you submit your application and receive any follow up questions, meeting requests or other correspondence from the Law Society, we strongly recommend that you obtain legal advice promptly and do so before responding to the Law Society. Career Services maintains a list of lawyers who are experienced in dealing with Law Society matters.