JD Loan and Bursary Eligibility

If you are planning to take courses during the summer session and would like to be eligible for full-time government student loans, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • Register in at least 9 credits (or 6 credits if approved for PD status); and
  • Register in at least 12 consecutive weeks of course work; and
  • Ensure that there is a break of no longer than 8 consecutive business days between courses (the gap between the last day of class and the final exam for the same course is not counted as a break in studies)

If you are registering in the JD classes offered in both terms of the summer session AND are registered in a minimum of 9 credits during this period (or 6 credits if approved for PD status), then you will meet the course load requirements for full-time student loans.

Apply for your loan using the 2019/20 application, which should currently be available for all provinces. Generally, processing time is 4-6 weeks, depending on your home province, so it is important that you apply early.

If you are going to apply for a summer loan, also be sure to apply for UBC Summer Bursary through the SSC. The application opens on May 1 and will close on June 1. Only those students who meet the general bursary criteria will be considered for summer bursary.

To be considered for bursary support, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or landed immigrant
  • apply for the UBC Bursary program by the deadline
  • be receiving full-time government student loans during the same session that your are applying for bursary support
  • have your enrolment confirmed for your student loans by the bursary deadline.
  • have an assessed financial unmet need
  • be enrolled in an eligible program with a full-time course load

To make sure your student loan is confirmed by the bursary deadline, we strongly recommend that you apply for your student loan by April 1st for Summer Session bursaries.

If you have any questions about summer session loans, please email the Law ES Advisor team at: es.lawsupport@ubc.ca.