Distance Learning Program - Guidelines

Minimum Grading Requirements

Students are subject to the minimum grading requirements as set by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

In particular, a standing of Fail (F) will be assigned to courses with grades that fall below 60%. Students who repeat a course must obtain a minimum mark of 74%. When a student repeats a course, both marks will appear on the transcript.

Under Allard School of Law rules, all grades above 90% must be approved by the Graduate Committee.

Academic Concession Requests

Please review UBC's policy on academic concession requests (i.e., exam deferrals, assignment extensions, etc). Although the policy does not specifically refer to unclassified students enrolled in distance learning courses, it also applies to them.

To make an academic concession request, please complete and return the relevant form located here: Graduate Program Academic Services

For more information, please contact the Distance Learning Program.

Penalties for Late Assignments

The Allard School of Law's standard policy for late assignments is as follows:

For each or any part of a day that the assignment is late, including weekends and statutory holidays and other days when the law school is closed, the student will lose 5% of the maximum possible value of the assignment for the first day or part of a day that the assignment is late and an additional 2% for each subsequent day or part of a day.

Example: A paper worth 100 possible marks that is handed in 1 day late would automatically lose 5 points. The same paper handed in 10 days late would lose an additional 18 marks for a total mark loss of 23 marks.

A student can apply for an exemption from this deduction for one or more of the days within the late period. Such application will be made to the Examinations Committee.

Example: if a student hands a paper in 5 days late, but one of those days is a religious celebration for the student, the student can apply for an exemption from penalty for that day. If granted, the student's paper would then be considered to be 4 days late.

Instructors have no capacity to grant extensions. Students must apply to the Examinations Committee for exemptions from this deduction.

Academic Honesty & Standards

The UBC Policy on Academic Honesty & Standards begins as follows:

Academic honesty is essential to the continued functioning of the University of British Columbia as an institution of higher learning and research. All UBC students are expected to behave as honest and responsible members of an academic community. Breach of those expectations or failure to follow the appropriate policies, principles, rules, and guidelines of the University with respect to academic honesty may result in disciplinary action.It is the student's obligation to inform himself or herself of the applicable standards for academic honesty.

Students must be aware that standards at the University of British Columbia may be different from those in secondary schools or at other institutions. If a student is in any doubt as to the standard of academic honesty in a particular course or assignment, then the student must consult with the instructor as soon as possible, and in no case should a student submit an assignment if the student is not clear on the relevant standard of academic honesty.

Academic integrity is something that the Allard School of Law and UBC take very seriously. If you have any doubts about expectations and standards, please consult the UBC Policy or Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' academic honesty & standards for further information.