Past Conferences and Talks



Ordinary Tort Litigation in China:
 Law Versus Practical Justice
Benjamin Liebman, Columbia Law School










Mass Digitization of Chinese Court
Decisions: How to Use Text
as Data in the Field of Chinese Law

Benjamin Liebman, Columbia Law School











A Tale of Two Regimes? Taxation, Political
Bargaining, and the Fiscal Contract in
China and Taiwan
Xiaobo Lü, University of Texas at Austin











After the Fall(s) - Rewriting China's Securities
Law and Regulation of the PRC Capital Markets

Nicholas Howson, University of Michigan  











Rebalancing Competing Values Relating to
The Right to be Forgotten and Users' Rights
    Itsuko Yamaguchi, Tokyo University      










Corruption and Anti-Corruption in China:
An Economic Perspective

Huihua Nie, Renmin University of China











Judging Corporate Law Disputes in China
and Australia

Colin Hawes, Univeristy of Technology











China's Anti-Corruption Reforms and
Shareholder Valuations

           Randall Morck, University of Alberta               











Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment
in China: Issuesfor Practitioners

Tianpeng Wang, Mistral Venture Partners    













Corporate Lawyering in Asia - Robert Chu, Sullivan and Cromwell

The Impact of China’s Competition Law on International Competition Law and Development Policy - Wendy Ng, University of Melbourne

Why is Globalization Getting Trapped? An Institutional Political Economy Appriach - Guoguang Wu, University of Victoria

Rethinking Copyright for the Digital Age: An example of Japanese copyright law - Yoshiyuki Tamura, Hokkaido University

Anti Anti-Orientalism, or is Chinese Law Different? - Don Clarke, George Washington University


Sexual Crimes in Canada: A Comparison with Japan - Toshinori Wada, Keio University

Searching for the Chinese Model: Renminbi's Internationalization and Law and Economic Development - Weitseng Chen, National University of Singapore

Blood Money and Negotiated Justice in China - Xin He, City University of Hong Kong

Nuclear Power and the Mob - J. Mark Ramseyer, Harvard University

Recent Decisions by Japan's Supreme Court - Tatsuya Fujii, Seikei Unversity; Visiting Professor, University of Washington

On the Functions and Authority of Newly Proposed "Circuit Courts' in China - Yulin Fu, Peking University

China's Bureaucratic Rules of Law or How to Assess Thirty Five Years of Legal Reforms - Stephanie Balme, Sciences Po (Paris)


The Shoutengai: Governance Problems on Japan's Shopping Street - Sean McGinty, Nagoya University

Assessing Treaty Performance in China: Trade & Human Rights  - Pitman Potter, Unversity of British Columbia