Past Conferences and Talks


Ordinary Tort Litigation in China: Law Versus Practical Justice - Benjamin Liebman, Columbia Law School

Mass Digitization of Chinese Court Decisions: How to Use Text as Data in the Field of Chinese Law - Benjamin Liebman, Columbia Law School

A Tale of Two Regimes? Taxation, Political Bargaining, and the Fiscal Contract in China and Taiwan - Xiaobo Lü, University of Texas at Austin

Rebalancing Competing Values Relating to The Right to be Forgotten and Users' Rights  - Itsuko Yamaguchi, Tokyo University

After the Fall(s) - Rewriting China's Securities Law and Regulation of the PRC Capital Markets - Nicholas Howson, University of Michigan

Corruption and Anti-Corruption in China: An Economic Perspective - Huihua Nie, Renmin University of China

Judging Corporate Law Disputes in China and Australia - Colin Hawes, Univeristy of Technology Sydney

China's Anti-Corruption Reforms and Shareholder Valuations - Randall Morck, University of Alberta

Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment in China: Issues for Practitioners - Tianpeng Wang, Mistral Venture Partners


Corporate Lawyering in Asia - Robert Chu, Sullivan and Cromwell

The Impact of China’s Competition Law on International Competition Law and Development Policy - Wendy Ng, University of Melbourne

Why is Globalization Getting Trapped? An Institutional Political Economy Appriach - Guoguang Wu, University of Victoria

Rethinking Copyright for the Digital Age: An example of Japanese copyright law - Yoshiyuki Tamura, Hokkaido University

Anti Anti-Orientalism, or is Chinese Law Different? - Don Clarke, George Washington University


Sexual Crimes in Canada: A Comparison with Japan - Toshinori Wada, Keio University

Searching for the Chinese Model: Renminbi's Internationalization and Law and Economic Development - Weitseng Chen, National University of Singapore

Blood Money and Negotiated Justice in China - Xin He, City University of Hong Kong

Nuclear Power and the Mob - J. Mark Ramseyer, Harvard University

Recent Decisions by Japan's Supreme Court - Tatsuya Fujii, Seikei Unversity; Visiting Professor, University of Washington

On the Functions and Authority of Newly Proposed "Circuit Courts' in China - Yulin Fu, Peking University

China's Bureaucratic Rules of Law or How to Assess Thirty Five Years of Legal Reforms - Stephanie Balme, Sciences Po (Paris)


The Shoutengai: Governance Problems on Japan's Shopping Street - Sean McGinty, Nagoya University

Assessing Treaty Performance in China: Trade & Human Rights  - Pitman Potter, Unversity of British Columbia