The Peter A. Allard School of Law hosts a vibrant community of feminist legal scholars who research diverse topics in across a wide breadth of the law. Their research also explores issues centred on race, sexual orientation, class, and disability. Many faculty members are additionally involved in research related to litigation, law reform, and judicial education, as well as research aimed at producing publications in the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law .

Please contact any of the feminist faculty members below for further information on how to become involved in these projects. You can also contact the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies.

The faculty lost a great feminist scholar and colleague when Marlee G. Kline passed away in November 2001. Her work is remembered by the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies through its annual Marlee G. Kline Essay Prize and the annual Marlee Kline Lecture in Social Justice. A collection of her books is now housed in the Centre's library and are available to borrow.


Professor Natasha Affolder
(604) 822-0734

  • Protected Areas Law
  • Sustainable Development Law
  • Environmental Law (Canadian and International)
  • Natural Resources Law

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Professor Efrat Arbel
(604) 822-6287

  • Constitutional Law
  • Migration Law
  • Aboriginal Law
  • Prison Law and Policy
  • Tort Law
  • Critical and Legal Theory

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Patricia Barkaskas (Lecturer)
(604) 684-7334

  • Indigenous Community Legal Clinic

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Nicole Barrett (Lecturer)
(604) 822-6287

  • Corruption
  • Human Trafficking
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Human Rights
  • Criminal Law

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Professor Janine Benedet
(604) 822-8108

  • Sexual discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Labour law
  • Criminal sexual offences
  • Professional responsibility and ethics

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Dr Emma Cunliffe

Professor Emma Cunliffe
(604) 822-1849

  • Expert evidence
  • Fact determination
  • Legal methodologies
  • Women and criminal law

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Professor Catherine Dauvergne
Dean of the Allard School of Law
(604) 822-2818

  • Immigration Law
  • Refugee Law
  • Legal Theory and Globalization

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Professor Cristie Ford
(604) 822-2711

  • Comparative administrative and public law
  • Securities regulation and corporate governance
  • Legal theory and public decision-making

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Professor Isabel Grant

Professor Isabel Grant
(604) 822-3140

  • Criminal Law
  • Law and Psychiatry
  • Criminal Justice and Women
  • Mental Health Law

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Bethany Hastie (Lecturer)
(604) 827-2634

  • Torts
  • Public Law
  • Advanced Legal Research
  • Transnational Law
  • Charter

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Professor Darlene Johnston
(604) 822-9517

  • Indigenous Legal Traditions
  • Canadian Aboriginal and Treaty Rights
  • Law and Colonialism

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Professor Asha Kaushal
(604) 822-3905

  • Cultural Difference and Law
  • ​Constitutional Law and Theory
  • Critical and Legal Theory
  • Immigration Law
  • Citizenship Law
  • International Law

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Professor Michelle LeBaron

Professor Michelle LeBaron
(604) 822-1830

  • Cross-cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Law, Legal Culture and Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict across Worldview Differences
  • Creativity and Conflict
  • Ritual, Narrative, Metaphor and Conflict
  • Gender and Conflict
  • Spirituality, Religion and Conflict
  • Teaching Innovation and Effective Teaching and Learning

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Professor Mary Liston

Professor Mary Liston
(604) 822-9844

  • Administrative Law
  • Canadian Law and Politics
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Democratic and Legal Theory
  • Legal Pluralism

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Professor Karin Mickelson
(604) 822-6165

  • International Environmental Law
  • Property Law
  • International Law

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Professor Debra Parkes
Chair in Feminist Legal Studies
(604) 822-3141

  • Constitutional Law
  • ​Criminal Law
  • Critical Prison Studies
  • Feminist Legal Studies
  • Socio-Legal Studies
  • Human Rights

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Professor Janis Sarra

Professor Janis Sarra
(604) 822-9255

  • Corporate Law
  • Insolvency Law
  • Legal Process and Decision-Making

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The Hon. Lynn Smith
Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia
Honorary Professor

Profile Page on the Allard School of Law History Project

Professor Jocelyn Stacey
(604) 822-9255

Jocelyn Stacey is a professor whose research and teaching focuses on Canadian environmental and administrative law. She has a doctorate in law from McGill University. Her dissertation, “The Constitution of the Environmental Emergency,” was nominated for the Governor General’s Gold Medal.

  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Externship
  • Administrative Law

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Professor Margot Young
(604) 822-9685

Margot Young is a professor who teaches in the areas of constitutional and social justice law. She was the Director of the Social Justice Specialization at the law school and has organized the Law and Society Speakers Series for close to a decade.  Professor Young served three terms as Chair of the university-wide Faculty Association Status of Women Committee.  She is a research associate with Green College, the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies, and the Centre for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at UBC. Professor Young is on several editorial boards including the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law. She sits on the board for Justice for Girls (among others) and works with the BC CEDAW Group and the Feminist Alliance for International Action.

  • Equality law and theory
  • Social and Economic Rights
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Social Welfare Law
  • Canadian Social Union

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Professor Carol Liao


Dr. Carol Liao is an Assistant Professor at the Allard School of Law and the UBC Sauder Distinguished Scholar of the Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics at the UBC Sauder School of Business. She is a contributing author of Creating Corporate Sustainability: Gender as an Agent for Change (Cambridge University Press, 2018) and her Report on Business op-ed based on her chapter “Power and the Gender Imperative in Corporate Law” appeared in The Globe and Mail on March 7, 2018 (see “Why We #PressforProgress in Corporate Boardrooms”). She is a member of the Daughters of Themis: International Network of Female Business Scholars, and has been on its steering committee since 2016.  She is currently co-editing a book on sustainable business models with Dr. Beate Sjåfjell of the University of Oslo, featuring chapters from leading women professors around the world.

  • Business Law
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Corporate Sustainability 
  • Business Ethics
  • Social Enterprise Law 
  • Contract Law 

Professor Sara Ghebremusse 


Professor Sara Ghebremusse is currently a SSHRC-funded PhD candidate at the Osgoode Hall law School, where she is writing a dissertation on “Revisiting the ‘Resource Curse’: Law, the Developmental State, and the Governance of Mineral Resources in Southern Africa.” Following a BA in Political Science and Middle Eastern and African Studies at the University of Alberta (2006), Sara completed an MA in International Affairs at Carleton University jointly with a JD (cum laude) from the University of Ottawa in 2012, and went on to complete an LLM at the University of Toronto in 2014. She has held positions with the City of Toronto Legal Services Division and the College of Midwives of Alberta. She has published on natural resource governance, development and human rights, with research presentations at conferences in Canada, US, Mexico and Africa.

Professor Régine Tremblay 


Régine’s  research  interests  include  family  law,  matrimonial  property  law,  family mediation,  private  law,  comparative  law  and  critical  theories (feminism  and  queer  theories).  Her research  has  been  published  in  English  and  French,  in  Canada and  in  the  United  Kingdom, including  in  the Canadian  Journal  of  Family  Law and  in  the Canadian  Journal  of  Women  and the Law


Professor Alexandra Flynn


Alexandra Flynn (JD, PhD Osgoode; LLM Berkeley) is an assistant professor at UBC’s Allard School of Law. Her teaching and research focus on municipal law and governance, administrative law, property law, and experiential education. Her previous project, “The Landscape of Local in Toronto’s Governance Model,” looked at the overlapping geographies and governance of city space, including the formal and informal bodies that represent residents. The project, which resulted in several peer-reviewed paper and public reports, conceptualized how cities are understood in law and how they govern. Professor Flynn recently began a SSHRC-funded project which seeks to understand the legal relationships between First Nations and municipal governments. The goal of this project is to illuminate the legal obligations of municipal governments, including the duty to consult and accommodate, and how the law can be used to mandate reciprocal, respectful Indigenous-municipal relationships. She has a long history working in law and policy. She practiced banking and securities law at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy in New York and Aboriginal Law at Ratcliff & Company in Vancouver, representing First Nations on land-use and contractual matters. She has a long history of volunteer work in the areas of homelessness and access to justice.

  • Municipal Law
  • Local Governance
  • Socio-Legal Studies
  • Property Law
  • Administrative Law