Feminist Centre Gets a Boost Thanks to Gift

Professors Emeritae, Susan Boyd and Claire Young

The Allard School of Law at UBC is pleased to announce a gift of $50,000 from Susan Boyd and Claire Young in support of the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies. The Centre provides opportunities for students, scholars and the wider feminist legal community to come together, build networks, collaborate on research and exchange ideas. Susan and Claire’s donation will enhance the activities of the Centre by allowing it to hold more workshops and conferences, as well as to invite visiting scholars to collaborate on feminist research and teaching initiatives with Centre faculty and students. 
Susan and Claire have a special connection to the Centre. In 1992, Susan was named the first incumbent of the Chair in Feminist Legal Studies, the first permanent endowed feminist legal chair in Canada. She was also instrumental in the creation of the Centre in 1997, and was Director of the Centre from 1997 to 2012. Claire joined the law school in 1992 and became a prominent member of the Centre. She made substantial contributions to feminist analysis of tax law and policy, and has consulted globally on gender-based tax policy and budgeting. Alongside her important work in tax and finance, Claire has long had a passion for feminism and sexuality and the law. The Centre has flourished thanks to Susan and Claire’s leadership and involvement over the years, and their continued involvement to this day. 
“We are delighted to provide the Centre, such an integral part of the Allard School of Law, with resources to expand and deepen its important activities,” said Susan and Claire. 
“The Allard School of Law is grateful to Susan and Claire for their generous gift in support of the Centre,” said Dean Catherine Dauvergne. “The Centre is nationally and internationally known for its scholarship and teaching in Feminist Legal Studies and this gift will allow the Centre to expand its programming and reach.” 
“I am very excited to leverage Susan and Claire’s gift to foster feminist research, to strengthen cooperation in research and teaching, and to build connections with scholars and communities,” said Debra Parkes, the current incumbent of the Chair in Feminist Legal Studies and Director of the Centre. “The Centre has a legacy of providing a range of opportunities for students, faculty, and community members and this gift will enable us to build on that legacy.” 
In addition to this new gift, Susan and Claire have been generous donors to the Centre and to other law school and University initiatives over the years.  
We thank Susan and Claire for their continued support of the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies at the Allard School of Law.