HSBC Emerging Leader Scholarship

Mark Iyengar and Carly Peddle

Third year Allard Law students Carly Peddle and Mark Iyengar are this year’s recipients of the HSBC Emerging Leader Scholarship, a $5,000 scholarship granted each year to four UBC students with outstanding academic performance, who have also demonstrated a commitment to leadership and community involvement. The HSBC Emerging Leader Scholarship is just one of 20 awards that make up the Premier Undergraduate & Wesbrook Scholarships, the University's most prestigious designation given to senior students.
In this article, we learn more about Carly. Stay tuned for a profile on Mark. 
Carly Peddle
Carly chose to pursue legal education because she saw the law as a way to understand the world and, more importantly, as a tool to effect positive change. These values are evident in all the incredible work that she has done both inside and outside the classroom. She is the co-founder of a not-for profit organization, the Law Union of British Columbia, which provides support to social movements, and advocates for legal aid and criminal justice reform and increased access to justice in BC. 
What inspired you to start this initiative? 
My colleagues and I were inspired to start the Law Union out of a recognition that collective, inclusive, and intersectional approaches are often most effective in bringing about social change. We found that those in the legal profession are frequently divorced from the social movements that inspired them to pursue law and often end up speaking for marginalized populations instead of standing in solidarity with them. We see the Law Union as a way to bring together individuals with diverse views to collaborate, build coalitions, and tackle complex injustice. 
You’ve also spent some time volunteering for Pivot and Atira Women's Resource Centre. How has this experience impacted you both personally and as a student?
Law school can have the effect of separating students from the real world: we learn law in the abstract. The opportunity to work with non-profits during my time at Allard allowed me to put the skills and knowledge I obtained in law school to practical use. I'm of the view that it is incredibly important for those in privileged positions to use their expertise to give back to the broader community. This is particularly important for those in the legal profession, given the access to justice crisis in B.C. 
What are some of your most inspiring moments during your time at Allard Law? 
The experience that I found the most inspiring during my time at Allard was the opportunity to work with professors who I have a great deal of respect for. As a student just about to enter the legal profession, it is incredible to be able to contribute to this work and engage intellectually with such complex issues.