Meet Charlotte Baigent

Third year JD student Charlotte Baigent

The Premier Undergraduate Scholarships and Wesbrook Scholars are the University’s most prestigious designations, given to senior students with outstanding academic performance, leadership, and involvement in student and community activities.

Third year JD student Charlotte Baigent has been named a 2018-19 Wesbrook Scholar and recipient of the Carl Bradford Robertson Scholarship. The Carl Bradford Robertson Scholarship recognizes those with strong academic standing, demonstrated achievement in sports and participation in student and community activities.

What inspires you?

Charlotte: I'm continually inspired by my peers in law school. I have been privileged to be surrounded by groups of students who are committed to using their time and training to effect positive change in society. I have watched my peers dedicate countless hours to providing free legal services through groups like Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) and the Law Students' Legal Advice Program (LSLAP). Two projects in particular that I find deeply inspiring are PBSC's Homeless ID Project and LSLAP's Applications for Appointment of Counsel on Appeal Project. Both of these are innovative, student-led projects that meaningfully respond to the access to justice crisis. 

What was your most memorable law school moment?

Charlotte: Competing in the 2018 Wilson Moot at the Federal Court! The Wilson Moot is a national constitutional law moot, focused on equality issues concerning women and minorities. I traveled to Toronto with a team of four Allard Law students and our two incredible coaches, Elin Sigurdson and Alison Latimer, and the final round was judged by Chief Justice Wagner.

Do you have any advice for first years or prospective law students?

Charlotte: Make the most of your time in law school! Get involved, join clubs, volunteer, seek out professors who inspire you and learn from them. One of the experiences that I have found the most valuable in law school is working with professors who I admire and whose work I find intellectually engaging. But chase whatever it is that excites you. There are so many valuable ways to learn and engage with the law.

Do you have a favorite place to study in Allard Hall?

Charlotte: The 4th floor of the library – by the windows.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Charlotte: I am going to travel for a few months. I will start working in September 2019 as a law clerk at the British Columbia Court of Appeal.