Meet Dr. Maziar Peihani

Dr. Maziar Peihani, Assistant Professor
Lawson Lundell UBC Professorship in Business Law 

We are fortunate to be welcoming some new faces to Allard Hall this fall as well as some familiar ones into new roles. Over the coming weeks, you’ll learn more about each of these faculty members and the important research and educational leadership expertise they bring to the Allard Law community.

Dr. Maziar Peihani’s academic and professional expertise brings a focus on banking and finance law to the law school, subjects about which he is deeply passionate. His research in the area has led to work with policy makers across a range of questions, with important implications for global governance.

Dr. Peihani is looking forward to bringing his experience into the classroom, but views teaching as a collaborative endeavor and deeply values the possibilities for shared inquiry made possible in the university environment.

“What really excites me about teaching is its collective nature, which allows you to engage with students and learn from their diverse perspectives. I think this is truly an exceptional opportunity that only academia could offer.”

Dr. Peihani holds the recently established Lawson Lundell UBC Professorship in Business Law, an appointment affiliated with the Centre for Business Law at the Allard School of Law, created with the intention of promoting research in the area of banking and finance law. His current research focuses on climate change-related financial risks and the governance of systemic risk in financial markets, looking particularly at the Canadian context.

“Although it is commonly observed that Canada weathered the financial crisis exceptionally well, a decade on from the crisis, the Canadian regulatory regime needs to be revisited with fresh eyes. This is particularly the case as the constitutional divide between the federal and provincial governments poses challenges to identifying and responding to system-wide vulnerabilities. Climate change-related risks are indeed one of such vulnerabilities that could over the long run impose significant harm to the Canadian financial system and the broader economy.”

One of the aspects of his new role about which he is most excited is the opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and students, both at the law school and across the university.

“I feel quite excited about pursuing these research projects, given that we have an amazing cohort of scholars and students who are interested and work on different facets of these cross-cutting issues.”

Dr. Peihani is no stranger to Allard Hall, having competed his PhD here in 2014. His doctoral thesis examined the legitimacy and efficacy of the global governance regime of international banking.

“When looking back [on my years at law school], I remember spending a lot of time in the library reading or thinking about difficult questions. I was fortunate enough to get to know and work with some amazing professors who were incredibly supportive. Even after I left UBC, I kept in touch and continued to benefit from their mentorship. I always found that a gratifying experience, which inspired me to pursue an academic career in the first place and I hope to play the same role for my students in the future.”

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